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03: Reel Renegade Breaks Christmas Movie Formula

Writer- producer-director industry vet Charles Shyer challenges the status quo, arguing that Christmas movies don't have to be tied to the holiday season. Instead, they can stand on their own merits.

Some of my Work

A Christmas Da Vinci Heist

Christmas – Crime

Logline: After her daughter is framed,  a timid auditor pairs up with a dashing FBI agent to track down a notorious art thief only to realize he may be the man she’s looking for.

Christmas Undercover

Christmas- Crime – Action

Logline: Federal agents must pose as a romantic couple to solve a string of heists targeting foreign embassy parties that threatens an international summit on world peace.

The Magic Bookshop


Logline: Trapped in a haunted bookshop, a timid insurance investigator must find the strength to overcome a killer and his literary minions, including the Wicked Witch, Dracula, and the Big Bad Wolf.

The Kung Fu Rock Chick

Type: TV-Movie
Genre Action-Romantic-Comedy

Logline: A rock chick pursues a crime-fighting record mogul and is framed for the mob’s bungled hit on his life. Let’s rock!

Revenge of the Hungry Ghost


Logline: To solve a murder, a disgraced cop fights literary villains who spring to life during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Joint Forces

Feature Film
Genre: Action-Crime-Thriller

Logline: When a private investigator falsely imprisoned in Asia discovers she’s the patsy in a global conspiracy, she must team up with a Chinese cop and a Japanese hitman to save the world.

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